One thing I’m hoping this blog will help me do is slow down enough to think deeply and quietly. I say quietly because I find most of my thinking nowadays is done in the midst of other things, like cleaning or driving or trying to read.  Today I read a post at The Nerdy Book Club Blog about having so much to read that we’re not really reading – just skimming.  I couldn’t agree more with Valerie Thomas, the author, of the post.  I’m finding it more and more difficult to slow down long enough to enjoy what I’m reading or stay focused long enough to write something more than a list or a paragraph full of bullet points.  This blog, TeachersWrite, and the New Jersey SCBWI conference will hopefully provide me with the recalibration I need.  I know, the first step is recognizing the problem. So I guess I’ve made the first step – now I just need to follow through.

Any tips on what has worked for you, when you felt like a hamster running on a wheel? or When you just felt like your brain was full?


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