Blogs that Inform, Inspire, and Motivate

As I’m reading and learning about all sorts of resources on the web for my writing and for education, I’m blown away by how many people provide such valuable information.  Here are 7 blogs I’ve been following that I turn to almost daily. Hope you find them as inspirational and informative as I do.

Writing Blogs: – Kathy Temean shares writing and industry information daily.  Her blog provides invaluable insights from authors, illustrators, agents, and editors. – Kate has been hosting TeacherWrite this summer on her blog.  Each day there is a mini-lesson, interview or time to reflect about our writing.  A wonderful resource and inspiration.

Education Blogs – Jan Burkins and Kim Yaris share information, perspectives, and ideas about the Common Core Standards. The information is thoughtful and practical, as well as inspiring. – Edutopia’s  mission states that it’s goal is to “inform and accelerate positive change in schools and districts by shining a spotlight on evidence-based strategies that improve learning and engagement for students.” – “Learning to Be Writers and Readers in the 21st Century: Sharing thoughts, ideas and research about teaching, writing and living in the 21st century.

Two More –The next two blogs I read for both writing and education.  I also read them for enjoyment. – The Nerdy Book Club provides an online space that celebrates books, especially children’s and young adult books. – Mr. Schu is funny and passionate. He is a K-5 librarian who blogs/tweets about great books and getting the right book into each child’s hand.

Hope you find these blogs informative and inspirational.


2 thoughts on “Blogs that Inform, Inspire, and Motivate

  1. This is a pretty amazing list of blogs and I am pretty honored to be considered among them. I had not found Mr Shu before your link but he will now be among my favorite. Blogs are an interesting and every changing way that to share information and reflection. I agree that I read blogs inform, inspire and motivate; however, I also read them with a critical literacy lens! For those of us who are not yet published authors, the blog world is a place to practice what we preach and get feedback from “strangers.” The amazing thing is that I find many of my “new friends” are blog based; AND I am reconnecting with other friends through the blogosphere. I could never have imagined this world during my first years as a teacher / reader / writer!

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