In-process Writing

Since I’ve been having trouble keeping up with my blog postings, I’ve decided to provide myself with some structure.  I will try to post three times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Each day will focus on a general topic:

Inspiration Mondays: I will post photos, ideas, or events that inspire me

Surprise Wednesdays: I will post in-process writing, share news, maybe have some guest posts, who knows.

Favorite Fridays: I will post my favorite articles/blog posts/websites I’ve come across throughout the week.

Since today is Wednesday, I guess the surprise today will be some in-process writing. This started as an entry in my writer’s notebook while I was sitting on my back porch before a storm.  It’s rough, but I like the notion that the ebb and flow of a storm could be compared to the ebb and flow of a party. This comparison is not developed as well as I would like – but the idea might be something worth pursuing.

Trees stand motionless. Solitary in the company of others.  A sense of anticipation electrifies the thick air.  A gentle breeze awakens them.  First the leaves sway – a whisper. And then the branches rock. A party’s beginning.

Big gusts break through the silent thickness and the trees dance – together.  Their branches whip to and fro with the beat of the storm. Erratic. Energized. Intense. 

The wind dies down. The branches sway and the leaves wave. A silent calm. The trees stand motionless. Solitary again in the company of others. 


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