Great Picture Books to Model Writing Craft

I love picture books and have used them in my classroom for many years to introduce students to various elements of writing craft.  I even wrote a book, Teaching Writing with Picture Books as Models (Scholastic, 2000).  Below is a list of some new and old favorites – in no particular order. These books are beautiful and full of teachable moments.  You and your students will come to depend on these authors as trusted mentors, and children will ask for the books to be read again and again because they are also great stories.

My Fathers Hands Joanne Ryder Small Moments, Beautiful Language
In November Cynthia Rylant Repetition, Description, Show not Tell
Water Dance (RK) Thomas Locker Personification, Beautiful Language
Midnight in the Mountains Julie Lawson Description, Repetition
A Chair For My Mother Vera B. Williams Everything
All the Places to Love Patricia MacLachlan Repetition, Description, Beautiful Language
Kitchen Dance Maurie J. Manning Everything
Sun Dance Water Dance Jonathan London Everything

Also check out And I Thought About You.  Great for introducing see-saw structure, repetition and onomatopoeia.

Let me know about picture books you use and love to teach elements of writing craft.



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