Links and Posts About Writing, Education, and Parenting

My favorite links and articles from the week – in no particular order.

The 20 most watched TED videos: Thought this was a great list.  While I’ve seen some of the videos listed, I’m excited to watch those that I haven’t.

On Their Own: A beautiful poignant piece about the parent child connection written by Lisa K. Friedman.

Ivan, Katherine Applegate and Mr. Schu: A great post from Librarian’s Quest about a great book and the sad passing of a courageous gorilla.

Schools Make “Coolest List”:  I’ve included this article in my Favorite Friday list because it’s so nice to see that some people are looking at more than test scores as a way to evaluate schools.

This Year’s Best Nonfiction Books for Children and Teens: I’m a fan of lists and this is a great one posted on Notes from Linda.  Can’t wait to read them all.

Free database of over 1000 book publishers who are currently accepting submissions from Brian Grove on his Perfect Pitch Blog: Since the publishing industry is forever changing it is extremely difficult to keep up.  This post from Brain Grove’s blog My Perfect Pitch will be helpful to any children’s author.  Thanks to Kathy Temean for posted it on her site Writing and Illustrating.


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