Girls Athletic Leadership Schools

This week’s Inspiration Monday, is about The Girls Athletic Leadership Schools (GALS), and the women, Elizabeth Wolfson and Nina Safane who had a vision. These women noticed a void in the educational opportunities for girls in the Denver area and worked tirelessly to build a school that supports students’ academic and physical growth. Started in 2010 GALS is thriving and many young women are benefitting.

Following are some quotes taken directly from their website including their mission and curriculum philosophy.

“While there is a strong tradition and a growing number of single gender schools in the United States, GALS are the only such schools in the nation that predicate their environment on academic excellence and deep personal growth through the distinct lens of health and wellness and athletics.”

“The mission of The Girls Athletic Leadership Schools (GALS) is to develop a national brand of public girls’ schools predicated on best practices in gender-based and active learning. The schools provide an innovative and necessary educational option that engages health and wellness as a key-contributing factor in optimizing academic achievement and self-development.  GALS Denver opened in 2010.”

“The curriculum and pedagogy build on the inherent capacity of students to become engaged as lifelong learners through self-expression grounded in mind/body development, utilizing up-to-date technology and best practices in action-based learning.”

For more information please visit their website

Enjoy your day!


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