Students Creating & Writing and Sharks

Only two favorite posts this week – one about students becoming creators instead of just consumers and the other about writing lessons from a shark.  Really cool.

Engaging Students in the STEM Classroom Through Making posted on Edutopia.  This post talks about an emerging practice of having students be more than consumers of information by having them make things or be creators.

Writing Lessons from a Shark posted on Lynne Kelly’s blog Making Stuff Up and Writing it Down.  This post is hysterical but true.  She compares lessons learned from he jaws and writing.

Enjoy the weekend!!


2 thoughts on “Students Creating & Writing and Sharks

  1. I might be doing something wrong, but the Lyndd Kelly link is not acting like a link.  So I will copy and paste, but maybe you want to look at it again and edit. 

    Eva writing from the intersection of oops, yikes and awe

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