Writing Inspiration: The Plates in the Window

As my son and I walked around our neighborhood after Sandy we saw an old blue house we hadn’t noticed before.  My son pointed out the plates in the windows and said, “Mom, you could write a story about that house.” And he proceeded to craft the first line – revising as we walked until he liked the rhythm of the words.  Here’s what he settled on. The little blue house across from the school had plates along its windows.

After our walk, while I was sitting at home, under layers of blankets (our power was out), I crafted a story that has real potential.

Here are a couple pictures of the house and the plates.


Let me know if and how it inspires you.

4 thoughts on “Writing Inspiration: The Plates in the Window

  1. What strikes me is that some shingles are missing, possibly blown off the house by that wicked wind. That wind must have also rattled the windows and toppled the plates, yet the owner but them up again. I wonder why? Yes, this is a perfect spark for a story. Enjoy writing it!

  2. Lulu, Story is really not ready to share. Love your idea about the plates’ point of view. I hadn’t gone in that direction – but might consider it – for another time. I’m participating in PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month) so trying to stick with an idea a day and will then go back to see which ideas I want to continue to work on – if I decide to work on this (which I probably will) – I will certainly share.

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