An Assault on Working Mothers or a Time to Celebrate? “Lean In” and Share Your Thoughts

Four business executives having meeting in boardroomWomen need to be more assertive, not wait to be asked to join the table, and, by the way no more working from home.  These sentiments have been expressed recently by two of the most influential women in business Sheryl Sandberg COO of Facebook with the release of her new book “Lean In” and Marissa Mayer CEO of Yahoo with her pronouncement that all Yahoo workers must be in the office.

Not surprisingly, there have been visceral reactions to both women in support of and against their stances. While neither of these recent sentiments are specific to working mothers, the topic of working mothers invariably finds itself at the forefront, whether because flexible hours were initially created to accommodate working mothers or because women don’t “Lean In” because they feel the need to be more available and part of their children’s lives.

While I grapple, almost daily, with how much I want to work vs. how much I want to stay at home – I feel lucky to at least have the choice. Instead of debating which decisions are more “worthy” (staying at home, working but not asserting yourself because of the pull of family, or doing all you can to get the corner office) I’d rather celebrate working mothers and the special bonds they have with their children. This was so important to me that I recently published a picture book, And I Thought About Youabout the relationship of a working mom and her son.  The book highlights a daily-welcome home routine and celebrates the bond between mother and chid.


So during this time of confrontational discourse around women in the workplace and working mothers – I offer a reprieve – Free copies of And I Thought About You so you can share a special moment with your child.  You can win a free book by doing one or all of the below.

1. Comment on this blog post.

2. Follow me on twitter.

3. Like the And I Thought About You Facebook page.

4. Follow this blog.

I will draw names at random from the entries and announce the winners on Friday, March 22nd. All winners will receive an autographed copy of And I Thought About You

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


5 thoughts on “An Assault on Working Mothers or a Time to Celebrate? “Lean In” and Share Your Thoughts

  1. Yes…yes…yes…thre have ALWAYS been moms who worked outside the home as well as in the home. That is what moms and dads do. We balance and push the limits and then try to balance some more. Sometimes our hearts are at home when we are at work and sometimes when we are home, our minds are at work. Thank your for your stance and passion on this important subject.

  2. I have been both a work out of home mum and now I work two jobs from the comfort of home. It is an intricate balancing act but I am a dedicated worker because of it. I pick my children up from school but work after dinner to make it up. When I still had my twins at home I even did a radio interview from the toilet once – it was the only quiet place I could find, even if it did echo! Hail the working, juggling, proud and extrememly exhausted working mummy!

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