So beautifully written and so important to remember. Thanks Laura.

Laura Sassi Tales


All summer, while grass grows and clover overtakes the yard, our crocus bulbs, with wilted, yellow leaves still exposed, quietly gather sunshine and build a food supply for next spring.  By autumn, they enter a dormant phase which continues through winter. It snows and rains and sleets.  Still, the crocuses rest, waiting for the perfect moment to bloom. And when that springy moment arrives, they burst forth with tiny purple blossoms that take my breath away. Sometimes, I impatiently wish I could hurry them (and spring) along. But try as I might, I can’t force them to bloom. They bloom when they are ready.

As a writer, too, I sometimes impatiently hurry a story or poem along, thinking that if I try hard enough, I can force that story to bloom, even if it’s not yet ready. If I’m honest with myself, though, I realize that my best stories and…

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