And I Thought About You: Free Book Give-Away For Mother’s Day

I was a guest at Darlene Jacobson’s blog today. In honor of mother’s day I talk about how routines can help provide space so magic can happen —for life and in writing. You can enter to win the book-giveaway too.

Darlene Beck-Jacobson

First, I’d like to thank Darlene for inviting me to her blog so I can talk about my book,And I Thought About Youin honor of Mother’s day, and to touch upon the importance of establishing routines. Book Cover with Stickers

Routines help us be present. They provide a sense of calm and comfort. But they also provide a space where magical things can happen.

I began this post discussing routines, because my book And I Thought About You was inspired by a bedtime routine my son and I created while we lived in Hong Kong. His bedtime routine was bath, books, and bed – not so out of the ordinary I’m sure – but inevitably between the books and bed we would discuss what we did throughout the day. One night, one of us – I can’t remember who – ended the discussion with “and I thought about you” (the magic).


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