Keep the Story Going by Lynne Vanderveen Smith

I just had to share this. Lynn Vanderveen Smith discusses why reading aloud is so powerful—even for High School Students. Keep sharing the stories.

Nerdy Book Club

If you are anything like me, you have fond memories of having a child curled up in your lap as you shared a story.  It might have been your own child or your grandchild.  Remember how they often had a book they loved to hear over and over. You almost got to the end of a story and heard, “Read it again!”  My father and son developed a great memory of a book that they shared.  It was truly boring with no story so Dad made up a story, and they “read” that book continuously.  So why did we quit doing reading aloud?  Those toddlers turned into a school aged children who went off and learned to read without us.  And we let them read and read without us.  But why let it go on – without us? Why not continue these treasured times together?

Looking back, I know that…

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