Little Bear’s Busy Weekend

The October 7th weekend was super busy for Little Bear. On Friday we had an event at Watchung Booksellers.  Little Bear helped read And I Think About You, made some friends, and helped his new friends with a craft.

Many thanks to Kathryn and Margot from Watchung Booksellers for making Little Bear’s first event so memorable.

On Saturday morning, Little Bear got back into the car for an event at Comfort Zone in Ocean Grove, NJ. We had a great fall day, meeting and talking with the people there for the Fall Harvest Festival. We were lucky enough to go with Laura Sassi and Little Owl. Many thanks to Steve and Sue.

After the long weekend of events, Little Bear laid on the couch and fell fast asleep.

Many thanks again to Watchung Booksellers, Comfort Zone, and all the wonderful people we met throughout the weekend.


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