Why Kaleidoscope?

First blog post.  This has been a long time coming.  Been struggling with how to focus my thoughts and organize my various lives. I’m a teacher, writer, mother, wife, friend, school board member, professor and who knows what else.  Regardless,  I’ve finally decided it was enough struggling, time to just jump in, and see where things go.  I’ve titled the blog Kaleidoscope – I know – not terribly original but I’ve always loved kaleidoscopes. From an early age I appreciated how fleeting the beautifully perfect mosaic was with each turn of the scope. One of the best gifts my husband ever gave me was a handmade Kaleidoscope.

Another reason I think the title for the blog is appropriate is the very fact that I’ve waited so long to begin  because I couldn’t figure out how the disparate pieces in my life could come together – much like the little pieces in a kaleidoscope.  I’ve been afraid that if my blog wasn’t focused on one aspect of my life I wouldn’t be respecting my readers, as some I’m hoping will be writers, while others I’m hoping will be teachers, or mothers, or just interested in education, or family.  However, I’ve decided that it is because of all of life’s pieces and the fact that they’re constantly  changing that it was important for me to begin now –  to document my experience, my thinking, my aspirations and the people, places and things that influence me, because the special moments in life are fragile and fleeting and without this space, I’ve found it difficult to hold on to them – hold them in focus – much like the perfect design in the frame of a kaleidoscope.

Just for a little background: Kaleidoscope is derived from greek Kalos which means “beautiful” and eidos which means “that which is seen” and skopeo  which means “to examine or observe”  and was coined by Sir David Brewster a Scottish inventor in 1817.


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