I’m Getting Back In


So it’s been almost three months since I’ve posted anything. And my last post was a re-blog so I’m not even sure it counts.  But I’m committed. I’m committed to at least try to write more frequently.

To kick off my renewed commitment, I’ll be participating in Picture Book August 10 x 10.  Which means, on August 10th I’ll post a list of 10 picture books that are in some way my favorite.  It may be a top 10 list of my favorite characters, favorite beginnings, favorite structure—doesn’t matter—could even be  a random collection of 10 picture books that have stayed with me because they are just so darn good.

I won’t be doing this alone.  On August 10th teachers and writers from various communities will participate including #nerdybookclub members and Kidlit bloggers.

So stay tuned and maybe even join in the fun.  Participating is easy.  Just follow the information from this Nerdy Book Club post.  It’s that easy.

See you on the 10th and more after that.  I’m working on a series of posts that will highlight student work from my school visits and from Writers Experience, as well as trying to schedule some amazing guest posts as well.

Writing Inspiration: Shells on the Seashore

My friend visited her parents in Delaware right after Sandy.  This is what they found when they walked to the beach. Aside from the astonishing amount of shells as well as the size of them, I’m amazed at how each one seems perfectly formed.  Usually, it’s so difficult to find a shell without cracks or pieces missing – especially shells of this size.

Since I’m participating in PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month), I’m especially sensitive and on the look out for inspiration. This picture certainly got me thinking.  Ideas quickly streamed through my thoughts – Shell City.  Treasures from the Sea. Maybe a poem? So I thought I’d share it.  Maybe you’ll find an idea or two hidden within these perfect shells too.

Let me know.

Writing Inspiration: The Plates in the Window

As my son and I walked around our neighborhood after Sandy we saw an old blue house we hadn’t noticed before.  My son pointed out the plates in the windows and said, “Mom, you could write a story about that house.” And he proceeded to craft the first line – revising as we walked until he liked the rhythm of the words.  Here’s what he settled on. The little blue house across from the school had plates along its windows.

After our walk, while I was sitting at home, under layers of blankets (our power was out), I crafted a story that has real potential.

Here are a couple pictures of the house and the plates.


Let me know if and how it inspires you.