Family Routines

I started a discussion thread on LinkedIn over the summer and recently there has been a bunch of activity that I think would be great for people to read about.

This is how the discussion began. Wondering what types of routines or rituals you have that help you connect as a family?

When my kids were younger, as part of our bed time routine, we’d read books together, and tell each other about our day. After each activity we’d say “And I Thought About You.” Now that my kids are older they sometimes answer “I Thought About You” when I’m asking about their day.

Check out the rest of the discussion within the About Working Moms group.

What are your family rituals or routines?

One thought on “Family Routines

  1. Our family eats dinner together most nights. If one or two nights go by that we aren’t able to be together, it feels really strange and we feel disconnected. Food is the glue. Yuck. That didn’t come out the way it was meant to. I loved reading the other family rituals and may try a few myself! thx!

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