GO TELL IT! by Andrea Davis Pinkney

It’s all about stories. Stories that weave together and connect.

Nerdy Book Club

“Right here, I’m sharing the honest-to-goodness.”— Loretta

“I’m gon’ reach back. Tell how it all went. I’m gon’ speak on it. My way.” — Roly

Folks claim I got more nerve than a bad tooth. But there’s nothing bad about being bold! —Aggie B.


It’s time to pull up a chair. Sit on down. Kick back. And listen.

Welcome to my family’s front porch, where “go-tell-it” stories flow like gold dripping from a honeycomb. Uh-huh, that’s how my people roll. We talk. We “put it straight.” We do not shy-back from any “conversating” that brings light to our family’s legacy of activism, agriculture, and determination.

As a child, it was through this oral tradition that I first learned about being brave and walking through dark times with your head held high. Each of my novels is stitched with threads from family stories. The Red Pencil, Bird in a…

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